Based on the requirement of client, following step-by-step procedure is adopted for the selection of qualified and experienced candidates.

1. Short-listing of suitable candidates by HR Co-ordinator from data bank and our associate office to match the client’s requirements

2. Qualification and experience is matched with client’s requirement.

3. Check the availability of candidates.

4. Client is informed about the short listed candidates and is called on suitable date and venue for interview.

5. Interview can be conducted at one or two cities of India from where the majority of candidates are sourced and where trade test can be arranged as well.

6. Candidates who pass the test are sent for medical check up.

7. Clients provide visas for selected, medically fit candidates who are then deployed in pre-decided time frame.

On receiving the requirement from the client

  • a. Sourcing and shortlisting
  • b. Client interview and medical check up.
  • c.Deployment after final selection of medically fit candidates at the earliest in consultation with the client.

This is a 4-6 week project after getting work order, demand letter and power of attorney along with visa from the client.